Member of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America
Holy Innocents Catholic Church
P.O. Box 113
Halcottsville Rd.
Halcottsville, New York 12438


Sunday Mass - 10:00 am
All are welcome!

Call the rectory for additional services.

Bishop Francisco J. Betancourt, FCR
Father Dante A. Tarantini, FCR
Holy Innocents is the Cathedral Church for the Diocese of Little Portion, Catholic Apostolic Church In North America (CACINA)

We are a Catholic Parish dedicated to the children of the world.  All are welcome to attend Mass and all services, regardless of race, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, political beliefs or economic status.  The Church is governed by laity and clergy.  We celebrate the seven traditional sacraments.  Come join us in worship, fellowship and ministry because all are welcome at the table of the Lord.
Marian Garden