Member of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America
Member of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America
Who We Are…
In 1945, Bishop Carlos Duarte-Costa, a Roman Catholic Bishop in Brazil spoke out against abuses of power by the Brazilian-Fascist Regime, and Vatican assistance to Nazis relocating to Brazil.  He had advocated for land reform and the establishment of national Catholic churches in Brazil and around the world.  Bishop Duarte-Costa separated himself from Rome and established the Igreja Catolica Apostolica Braxileira (ICAB).

The first mission from ICAB to the United States (now CACINA) opened in New Mexico in 1949.  CACINA is a national Catholic body with participative governance by clergy and laity.  Its focus is on social justice in the light of the Gospel with the liberation of the individual conscience.
CACINA holds the seven traditional sacraments, maintains valid apostolic succession of its bishops, holds to the teachings of the first seven ecumenical councils of the Church, and holds that ordination is open to those called to regardless of marital status, gender or sexual orientation.


A National Catholic Faith Community that celebrates a Sacramental Liturgy, the Mass,
  · Gospel Centered
  · Valid Apostolic Succession
  · Governance shared by clergy and laity
  · Ordination open regardless of gender, marital status, or sexual orientation
  · Active Benedictine and Franciscan religious communities
  · Social Outreach Ministries
  · Local Faith Communities

CACINA has maintained a painstaking selection and preparation process for its clergy. Many of CACINA clergy are trained in nationally accredited seminaries, while others complete three years of closely directed study and pass a rigorous, independently scored comprehensive examination. All CACINA clergy give of their time without financial compensation and remain involved in active ministries unless temporarily excused because of life circumstances.

Lay persons of CACINA, as is often the case in independent Catholic churches, are actively involved in the governance of CACINA at the local, diocesan, and national levels. Parish financial and administrative matters are handled exclusively by the laity.

CACINA is a vibrant and growing National Catholic Church centered in the Gospel. If you are interested in establishing a parish in your community, please call the rectory at 1-845-586-2201.